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Wien Phone:+43 6603994001


Personal details escort Anastasia

Location: Wien
Travel Worldwide
Nationality: Moldavia
Age: 24
Height: 1.73
Bust: 85D (natural)
Hair: Long & Brunette
Eyes: Hazelnut
Dress: 38(m)
Shoe: 39
Smoker: Occasionally
Tattoos: None
Languages: fluent english and deutsch, some spanish
Education: studying owner protection!


Rome, Barcelona, Madrid, Milano, Venice,.Berlin, Frankfurt,Miinchen, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Wien , Monaco, Saint Tropez

Not yet visited: I would love to visit New Zealand, Venezuela, Brazil, Thailand ,Dubai ,lots of places outside Europe ... anywhere not mentioned above! Cuisine: I love seafood! Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine. Sometimes also typical Italian , Spanish cuisine. Beverage: Champagne , light and fruity white wine, light cocktails... Music: Romantic, Charts, Classic , Chill Out , Jazz ... all depending on my mood (and yours!) I like: a relaxing day in a spa, sauna, massage park to relax with a good book at the pool or beach and feel the warmth of the sun.... shopping... to be creative, a glass of wine during a warm and romantic candle light dinner. Hobbies/interests: Traveling and discovering new countries, cultures and fine arts, going out and meeting new people, studying psychology , reading and educating myself, doing sports.